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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Please Forgive This Post

I've had a few too many 2005 de Beouf bojos and some Zaftig Riesling ($7.99 a bottle!) that I got from Astor Place Wines - the absolute best liquor store on the planet, as far as I'm concerned. Found a bottle of Ardbeg 10 - (I think this is what I sampled at your place, J???) Some seriously delicious stuff....more interesting than Macallan 12 (peetier?), yet still ain't no nasty Laphroaig. Can't wait to try it.....

Am currently at the in-law's place: this is the first time in over 10 years that I've sat on the floor. Ever. Is that weird? Matter of fact, not sure I've ever seen anyone sit on the floor here. Strange? I mean, don't people normally sit on the floor when there's no room on chairs and sofas and such? I sat on the floor and drank my wine. I felt like such a rebel. Everyone's having latkes right now, as it is a belated Hanukkah party. Had waaaaaaaaaaay too much sour cream dip with carrots (thought it was..., no wished it was yogurt dip) and now I am stuffed stuffed stuffed.

Went on a serious spending spree today. Bought a dress at Huminska on 9th St in the old 'hood. She's actually going to make me a brand spankin' new one because they don't have the size that I need at the shop! I luuurve this! This dress is great: green with white polka dots, low cut, well fitted. Just effin' love it. Will look fab with my Fleuvog heels. Very warbride/retro/diner waitress type. Love that stuff. "Classic with a twist", as they like to say. Also bought a low cut black wrap around shirt perfect for Sex Dwarf next week and a new cloisonee bracelet and earrings from that cute shop on 7th between 1st and 2nd.

OK. I think I've embarrassed myself enough at this point. Surprised I don't have any spelling mistakes here (as far as I can see), so I will stop now, and if I still feel like I have more to say, I will later on. I'm done. Stick a fork in me.

OK, better stop for now. This is seriously getting embarrassing. Got my Belles tix today. Hopefully I'll be able to sell them on craigslist....sigh. As a matter of fact, if I don't get this gig, I may not go to that effin' concert after all....it would just be too much of a disappointment. I know that's lame. But what can I say?


I'm sure I will write more later - tomorrow at the latest. But I figured with trying to be honest and open and all, I better just figure out and blog a little right about now when I feel a little, well, open and honest.


Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

Damn you, O.V., for flaunting "the best liquor store on the planet" and getting me all excited about it until I went to the website and learned it was not local to moi. Grrr! But - your purchases sound divine and I cannot wait to see them!

I look forward to Friday night...partly for the birthday extravaganza-ish-ness of it and partly for learning once and for all whether or not Sex Dwarf involves naked midgets.

1/17/2006 12:54 PM  

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