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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Seconds to Entertain You.*

Unfortunately my piddly phone camera can't quite capture that which is EAGLES MADNESS, but here is photo of a superpimped recreational vehicle (hand-painted bright old school Eagles' green though you can't see the detail). Note Anti-Dallas insignia on left. Note SFG explaining the significance of said insignia.**

Just to give you a sense of The MADNESS, at Thursday night's game...when some poor Eagles' guy got injured and had to be carried off the field in an ambulance-cart, more than a few had a few get well wishes for him:

"Come on! I gotta get up for work in the mornin'!"
"Ya clumsy fuckin' retard!"
"See ya!"

I won't even mention the guy sitting next to me who was spitting every two minutes 12 inches from my shoe.

Given everything I've said, the mood surrounding the Eagles is a little strange lately because the head quarterback is getting old and fracking up too much and the Coach is on the hot seat because of it. And Philly is pissed. Livid. Bullshit crazy. Just to give you an idea, when we were taking the subway to the stadium and the computer lady said "Next stop, Pattison Avenue, Lincoln Financial field, home of the Eagles", the entire car screamed "SUCKS!". Classy!

*a fantastic song from Northern Portrait, a Danish band I just discovered on indiepages. If you love the Smiths, you will love this band. I guarantee it.

** some fancy super talented asshole Eagles guy was transferred to The Cowboys. Philly fans decided to hate him and once they discovered his Achilles heel (depression, alleged suicide attempt), they now throw pill bottles filled with nickels on to the field.


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