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Friday, November 21, 2008

So I Went to Spain Or Mildly Insane.

I am so celebrating tonight.

(Gonna take a lover, gonna take her back to Somerville, don't care if she's pretty, as we leave Suck City.)

Things went really well with lunch meeting with prospective rentor of new Canary space. In fact, she wants to invest in the Canary. I think I may have died and gone to heaven. I will spare you the details of the conversation because I am mildy drunk and don't want to jinx my new found luck. More deets as they become concrete. This is still an embryo. Not even an embryo. A cluster of cells. We will let it rest and grow.

(I wouldn't stay around if the money let me linger on 'til the end of December, waste another year like a minute, trying to forget, but I remember my home.)

Anyhoo, I am celebrating with a bottle of Zin and Live A Little, the most recent Pernice Brothers (sigh) album (2006 waah.), which can I say, if you are a fan of anything remotely indie/folkie/smart lyric heavy, you will looooooove. It's like a warm blanket and a cuppa cocoa, if you ask me. Very Boston, very Barnard/Bryn Mawr, if that's your thing.. Effin' genius, that Joe Pernice. I want to marry him. Ok, maybe I am slightly drunker than I claim. But whatever. I'm going to get my own cafe! And it's going to basically be a 3-D extra large version/vision of my cupcake aesthetic! I think I may have possibly died and gone to heaven. I don't deserve this kind of karma. This is good. Good stuff.

(Gonna take a lover, gonna take her back to Somerville, show her round the neighborhood, re-case the place and settle down.)

So it seems that I will be out of The Circus in February. I am actually meeting with the GM tomorrow morning to discuss lease renewal - total coincidence. He has no idea. I will not show him my hand, but am definitely curious as to what he has to offer when I say I have an offer in another space. The Circus has several open spots right now. My space, in particular, is in a fairly prominent, yet seedy location (think pre-Disneyfication Times Square). It will not look good to have that space empty for too long. Who knows...maybe he will offer me 1/2 price rent...something to consider, but it won't stop Canary Cafe from coming to fruition.

(I'm comin' home.)

Woo hoo!!


Blogger Martha Craig said...

Time for a trip downunder to research cafes, we have some tremendous ones, and the exchange rate is great for you, and Andrea Moore misses you, and so do all of us, and Florence...

11/22/2008 3:47 AM  

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