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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As The World Turns.

I still have not received my bike.

Well, I did actually, but it turned out to be the wrong size, which resulted in a several-post-dramalogue of which I will spare you, however, I did manage to finagle an upgrade for the trouble. My Smart Businesswoman Negotiation Skills were brilliant, if I may say. She will arrive sometime next week from Sunny Cali...

This bike is so awesome I can hardly stand it. Eight gears, hand brakes (SFG insists they are safer), and balloon tires for the ultimate in comfort and class. Much like a Cadillac. I'm sure it will get stolen in a matter of six minutes.

Speaking of utter coolness, The Canary was just mentioned in two posts about The Circus in two very high trafficked blogs, one of which is epicurious.com. Check it out please. There is a pic of one of my bakers holding a cookie. The other blog said that The Canary is "the cool kid on the block" at The Circus. Well, we already knew that, as we have been labeled "The Hipster Haven" by someone somewhere online and recently got a solid nod on Philebrity re the Kitchen Sink Brownies. We reek of young, intelli-urban hipness. Sometimes so it makes me uncomfortable - kitty keytar t shirt or not. I will always be the eternal outcast on the end of the pew. I am such a fucking fraud. And they will find out! Surely they will! And don't call me Shirley! See, that's what I mean!

And I just have got to share this picture with you guys. Someone was so inspired by us that they sat there, in cognito, and drew this hilarious picture of The Bassoonist at The Canary.* I love this....**

I just love it. LOVE IT.

Speaking of, I am really at a crossroads here. Where will The Canary go? Should we sell? Should we expand? OK, so then do we move the baking to another location or keep it at The Circus and transport the goods to the new, smaller, storefront? Or do we start from scratch in a new location and model it after my favorite bakery on the entire planet?*** WHAT TO DO?

*To The Artist If You So Find This: I apologize for not giving you credit. I am sadly attempting to maintain some semblance of anonymity and will happily share your deets with anyone who asks. You rock. We need to make a postie of this.

**I realize that this rendering may give away lots of deets about the shop, but hell, if you wanted to snoop, you could figure it out anyway. You're a smart cookie.

***I have been pining to hit Reykjavik in the fall. Perhaps a tax deductible trip here could satiate my wanderlust instead? This would require a really good email....


Blogger Lou said...

Epicurious! Congrats on the mention. I'd buy cookies from the bakers there anyday if they smiled like that at the counter.

Also because the cookies are super good.

Good luck with the expansion or whatever it is you end up doing.

I will be in Philly sometime during the last full week in July, and I'm definitely planning on coming by and picking up a bunch of stuff.

6/25/2008 9:54 PM  

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