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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Scoop.


I dropped off the cupcakes and bars yesterday morning at the offices of the Arthamay Show (which incidentally is next door to the Tyra Show). Arthamay's assistant said she was researching the country's best cupcakes and The Canary was an obvious choice because of all the great press we'd gotten. (O.M.G.) (O.M.G!) (O.M.G.!!!!!!)

So....Arthamay was scheduled to sample the wares at 11 am E.S.T. after her taping. The show is going on hiatus for a week, so it may be a bit before I hear word....

And that is the story. I am totally and completely flattered that Arthamay would even consider putting my food into her mouth and just to get to that realm is an achievement. Too bad I can't put a sticker on my sneezeguard that says "Arthamay sampled our cupcakes!"

So...I must wait.


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