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Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Woulda Thought?

Over the past three months, Molly had developed a nasty habit of peeing on the tile steps away from her litter box. I'd tried numerous litters, behavioral techniques I'd researched on the internets, and was ready to call the vet (I was convinced it was something physiologically grave; SFG insisted it was psychological), when I had an aha! moment and realized that the peeing may coincide with the purchase of a new, hoodless litterbox. And some cats are, apparently, finicky about their toilettes. So, I switched back to the old Booda Dome, and lo and behold! she's back to doing all of her business in the appropriate place.

I went out for drinks tonight with some of SFG's old co-workers. Little did I know he was the Jim Halpern/Tim Canterbury of his techy office off of South Street: velcroing the phone together, switching up the keys on people's keyboards, and building the Chicago skyline out of waste basket paper on some poor soul's desk. I love that boy.


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