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Monday, February 11, 2008

Not In My Neighborhood.


After watching the shoe shine guys next to our shop for almost two years, we have finally figured out that they are bookies.

I'm not kidding. In this case, I wish this was just my vivid imagination taking control for a juicy blog post.

For two years, we've watched the shoe shine guys hootin' and hollerin' about The Cowboys, The Eagles, The Giants, etc. etc. We've seen them fanning themselves with a wad of money, sotto voce "Eagles! Broncos!" as you walk by. We've seen the lingerers...waiting to get their shoes shined? We've seen the fights and the screaming (and the escort out by security) that inevitably happens every three days or so.


Cute cupcakes with little organic rosebuds and sugar sparkles. Pretty pink and green cakes that look like your stellar baker grandma baked just for you. Chocolate chip cookies for chrissakes. You can't sell chocolate chip cookies right next door to a bookie.


Blogger Christine said...

Hey-a sister sledge...just saying "what up?" and I miss you.

Let us do dinner soon. Please?

On a more bloggy related note...dude, are bookies? Oh the Circus cracks me up.

2/11/2008 8:37 PM  

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