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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clean Sweep.

Aside from purchasing outrageously expensive designer party dresses in foreign countries, I try and be respectful of my meagre cash flow. So, in honor of that, right after purchasing a handbag (my "puss purse") from this site. I cut up my credit card. Went at it with a particularly dull pair of Ikea scissors; the gnawing action added to the drama of the moment. It was totally liberating. And slightly depressing. Time to tighten the belt. (Did I mention I also bought a cool belt buckle from previously mentioned site too?)

But on a more chipper note, here is some fierce jangleliciousness from Minisnap. This may be my new current favorite song. (Get the double entendre yet?)

You can really hear that ukelele thingamahoosey in there, eh?


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