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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yo! MTV! I've Got a Treatment!

Ok, so I have this idea for a new MTV series - Real World Canary. Watch the drama! the heartache! the cattiness! the love! the hate! the tears! the nausea! the laughter! the baking! once a week for oh, about 12 weeks or so, after which there could be a spinoff - Road Rules Canary, where all of my employees get on a bus for six weeks and face physical challenges while being psychologically challenged by their insane teammates. Oh it would be a fascinating trainwreck to watch! And the nice publicity for the bakery to boot. Can't beat that. Like Magnolia and Sex and the City.

Yesterday I discovered that two of my employees are doin' it. Sigh. After I specifically said "No fucking the new guy, got it?!" It's not so much the sex that I care about, it's the post-coitus drama that will inevitably occur, along with the tears, and ultimately the under/overbaked work product. The Canary is way too small for patisserincest. Not to mention the holiday craziness that is pervading the place. So this, combined with the theivery post a few days back was just too much to bear. I fired one of them as a pre-emptive strike. I am a hard hearted bitch. But trust me, every time this sort of thing happens, it's like a telenovelas, hipster style. It's for the best.


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