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Saturday, October 06, 2007

You Should Have Listened to Al.

With all luck or likelihood you didn't notice that I have made several mentions of a certain Al Stewart compilation I was waiting for. I ordered it from a.k.a after hearing a snippet of it while browsing in June. I had never heard of Stewart before. I confess my interest was first peaked when I thought it was Donovan [says sheepishly].*

Well the thing finally arrived and I say the following with absolute certainity: In Brooklyn is in fact *The Most Perfect Song Ever Written*. Ever. If you like subdued- tangential-hippie-peacenik-but-not-overtly-political-yet-
subtly-crafted-'60s-Brit-folk. And oh the lyrics! Crisp, beautiful, romantic, poetic, brilliant!

I know how horribly painful it can be to read about someone else's musical bendings, so I will end now even though I could go on and on how fantastic this album is. It has also served as an aural alternative to the Phillies' games or the incessant chatter about the Phillies' games. But that has nothing to do with why it's great. Promise.

*I fully embrace my dorkism. I think I've had it since early childhood. This music reminds me of going to my father and stepmother's house in Oak Park and spending hours attached to a pair of headphones listening to my stepmother's record collection while they hosted boring bridge parties (Did I just date myself?)


Anonymous Maria said...

I've been really getting into Muse at the moment. Interestingly (or boringly, if you don't like them or don't give a hoot where they're from), they're from Teignmoth in Devon, UK, not far from where I used to live, and I once did a painting of Teigmouth beach. Some of their songs make me get my freak on, I can tell you. (Dancing when no-one's looking.)

No I don't think you just dated yourself. My parents had this gigantic console music center thing that looked like a heavy piece of wooden something or other, but when you lifted the lid, hidden cleverly inside was a turn-table, cassette player, AND 8-track tape player. State of the art!

10/08/2007 6:39 PM  

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