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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Cupcake Scorned.

Contrary to urban lore, I have neither been in county lock-up or the psych ward the past few days. I have simply been remiss in my blogging duties, completely uninspired and blagh.

But I have returned. After not sleeping for a couple of weeks and having a couple of near panic attacks over the past couple of days, I am finally fighting the good fight again. I decided that in order for my sanity to survive, I had to direct my venom toward change. I met with the head of The Circus today, blabbed at him for fifteen minutes about my disappointment and frustration with the status quo. He listened, offered some on-the-DL info that partially satiated my fury, and promised to look into some of the issues that were under his control. It made me feel a bit better, though this conversation was just the beginning as far as I'm concerned. I'm determined to tell anyone who will listen about the current situation. I've already set up a meeting with the head of the merchants' association.

Those bastards don't know who they're dealing with.


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