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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pastry Politik.

Looks like I'm gettin' all good citizen-y on y'all.

Tomorrow I will be speaking before City Council to oppose an exemption for bakeries to the new trans fat ban (the Council just passed a law banning the use of trans fats in restaurants. Bakeries were given another year to find substitutes for trans fats and there is now a new bill that wants to give bakeries an extra year to find a substitute).

The oh-so-difficult substitute that they are hunting for? Butter. Plain and simple. We're talking about switching partially hydrogenated soybean oil or vegetable shortening to beautiful tried and true butter.

Anyhoo, I am way nervous. Even though it's a little thing on the grand scale, my palms are already sweaty over the thought of giving my statement in public.

You know what would be cool? After I finish my statement, I stand up rip off my shirt to reveal a t shirt that says IMPEACH BUSH and I start screaming 'No Blood For Oil' over and over again until they drag me out. What do you think?


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