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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wedding Crasher.

Remember those college friends with whom I slightly obsessed about them pretending that I've fallen off the face of the earth since I left Mr. X?* Two of them are getting married this month and I've done a very catty thing. I've sent them wedding gifts.

The gifts were nothing special. I sent each a little book on champagne with a nice congratulatory note. I wrapped them in sari silk and satin ribbon and sent them off Priority today to New York and Northampton. Dax and I have discussed this and even though she says it's a gracious gesture, I know it's really more of a little dig. Helllooo! Hey! Remember me? In any event, they get a book for their bookshelf and I get the satisfaction of being The One Who On The Surface Did The Right Thing.

Oh well. Done. SFG reminded me that moving to Philly has treated me a helluva lot better than New York anyway and that I'm very lucky to have so many good friends here. So there.

*I apologize for that being the worst sentence ever written in history. I'm sure it's not grammatically correct and I should know better because I was an English major. But uz no what I'm sayin'.


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