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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There Once Was a Girl From Nantucket...

...who did nothing but eat, read, beach, and drink Hendrick's & tonics for an entire week straight.

What a lovely relaxing vacay. We holed away at SFG's family's place and almost literally did nothing. Which was awesome. A little cooking - steaks and scallops on the grill, lobsters and fresh corn, some fine dining, lots of fancy wine punctuated by the completion of three books (THREE! Oh the life of the unemployed and trust fund types!), and spending the rest of the day at Miacomet Beach, coming home for a snooze, and then...a little cooking...and the cycle continued...

Nantucket is a funny place. At the airport in Providence we were asked our weights before boarding the 8-seater prop plane that took us to the island, which leaves one with an ethical dilemma: Do you admit to your true weight out loud in front of a sea of strangers in a public venue or do you slough off a few, hoping that CapeAir will assume that you are in fact fudging the numbers and will apply this information accordingly so that you will not plunge from the sky into the Atlantic in a flaming ball of wreckage and Dooney & Burke bags? I opted for the Fudging Theory and hoped for the best.

Nantucketeers dress like the Alpha Betas in Revenge of the Nerds. I was amazed that the Polo/madras/topsider/pastel/sweater-over-the-shoulder style was still in full force. Just like I imagine people in the far interior of Siberia are still wearing Jordache jeans and Coca Cola shirts. Maybe we can organize some sort of exchange program.

It was a most wonderful vacation. And I didn't even mind the occasional comment from SFG's mom about how wonderful having children is.

Speaking of which, SFG and I (sort of) celebrated Our First Anniversary at the airport yesterday over nachos, on which SFG had made a little flag of swizzle sticks and a napkin that said 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!' and plunked it right in the center like Old Glory on the moon. It was adorable.

Now back to The Real World.


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