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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tired of Talking About Being Sad

so instead I'll talk about my new favorite moisturizer!

A couple of weeks ago I bought Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin with SPF because of budget constraints (loooonnnngg goonnnnnne are The Days of La Mer. Sigh! Poor me!). My skin is pretty dry, but during the spring time, my allergies also come out in my face with itchy bumps on my jaw and cheeks. I figured the OOO would be fine.

But alas no! After a couple of days use, my skin was doubly itchy and three times as bumpy. Even my mother commented that I needed to dump whatever lotion I was using because I used-t0-have-such-beautiful-skin-what-happened-give-that-cream-away-
immediately-to-someone-who-can't afford-a-$6-bottle-of-face-cream-before-you-become-a-social-outcast.

Anyway, I went to Kiehl's, my trusted standby for skincare and picked up their Abyssine serum, which is a little lighter than the cream, but still protects the skin from 'the elements'. Whoa! Two days' use, and a noticeable difference in my complexion! No more itchy jawline, no more bumps. This product is a miracle worker.

And in other news, Molly the Cat is finally with me. In fact, she is sitting on my lap as I type.


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