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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I finally learned how to pronounce 'Aja'.

Friday night SFG took me to a Steely Dan show at The Tower.

Have I ever mentioned that I am not a fan of Steely Dan? That I throw them in the same musical category as Meatloaf and Jimmy Buffet? SFG says that is an insult to SD. I associate Steely Dan with teenage boydom, Bud Lite and New Jersey and maybe mullets and drag racing, but I could be a little overboard on that one.

(Sometimes I can't believe that I'm in love with someone who loves Steely Dan and the Eagles (the football team, not the band. If he loved the band that would be weird too.) In the past I have always gone for creative types. Change is the spice of life!)

He decided last minute that he wanted to go so we took the subway up there to get some tickets. Turns out it was a sold out show, so we ended up buying tickets off of a couple that wasn't using them.

I have never seen so many White, Balding, Fat Men in Hawaiian Shirts and/or Madras Shorts in one place.

Everyone sat during the entire show and the only body movements any of them made was the chicken neck- kind of moving their heads front to back to the beat of the music. It was weird.

SFG assured me that I would recognize some songs in the set. Sure enough I did know a couple of the tunes - especially that one, you've heard it, trust me - "I don't wanna do your dirty work, oh yeah". I've heard that song at the dentist's office and Kohl's many times.

I believe that we should try and take life lessons out of our experiences - positive, negative or neutral. Well, maybe not life lessons, more like trivial factoids in this particular case. So, what did I learn? Donald Fagan does a really great blind guy impression. The other guy tells bad blow job jokes.

No, but seriously we had fun. Because we made it fun.

I'm debating whether or not to take SFG to Morrissey at the Mann at the end of June. It could be fun just for a change of pace, but the tickets are expensive, and I really don't know if I trust Morrissey to put on a good show anymore. I'd like to see the set list before I decide. Too much new stuff and it would suck. The Mann also seems huge, which is another negative. I will hamletize about this in my head so as not to bore you.

T'anyway, ta ta for now. I'm at Cafe Mocha because it seems I've permanently lost poaching access to the Internets at my apartment. I've finished my chicken salad sandwich and need to be getting back home to do mounds and mounds of laundry. MOUNDS.

GG, I'm SO sorry I never updated the link to your blog! My apologies! I usually just type it in, so for months it's been dead. I wish you'd said something. I'm horribly embarrassed.


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