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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Later that night...

I haven't stopped watching TLC and drinking scotch since we last spoke. Here's the line-up:

4pm: World's Smartest Boy
5pm: World's Strongest Child
6pm: World's Smallest People: Primordial Dwarves (or was it Dwarfs?)
7pm: World's Smallest Girl: Kenadie's Story
8pm: World's Tallest Woman
9pm: Meet The Fooses: A Dwarf Family

This prompted a spirited text survey. Would you rather be a dwarf or a giant?

I'd definitely rather be a dwarf. They appear to be more socially accepted. And you can find cuter clothes, I'd imagine. PeopleCat's with me on this one. SFG and C-Note would rather be giants, as would Cheesewench, who claimed that the main advantage was that she could eat whatever she wanted.

Tough call.

I did some Friendster Friend purging tonight and I admit, damn did that feel good. I'm a l'il bit drunk so the following List of the Banished is going to feel even better. Stop reading if you dislike cattiness. (You shoulda stopped reading a year ago if that's the case.)

A: Arrogant prick. Never liked you, you never liked me. Let's just call a spade a spade, fucker. (Is that a racist expression? I don't know?) Your investigative skills blow, dude. I was in Boston visiting Camille, not devising a plan for the destruction of the world. Push off.
A: Certifiable. Loony toons. A couple tools shy in the shed. Loose screws. Grow up, stop being such a nasty bitch and you'll be able to keep your friends. Trust me, it works better that way!
B: We really have no interest in being friendly even though we have friends in common. P.S. Your cell phones are ugly.
C: Erm, yeah. I tried to remain friends with you but you're too afraid of god-knows-what (showing disloyalty to Mr. X? afraid of conflict?) to go there. Too bad. Shins was fun. You're a nice guy but I've lost patience for those who sit on the fence, my boy.
D: You're SoCal/trailer trash persona is tired. I thought you were kinda nice in your own coarse way, but no loss. Quit smoking or you'll have a heart attack.
L: You're plain weird.

There were others, but I'm getting bored. People suck. I've already ranted about how amazing it is that people looking into the failing relationship between two relatively normal mentally healthy people take sides and make judgement calls and feel the need to choose which half of the pair they want to remain friends with. And obviously because I'm the One Who Left, the One Who Was Obviously Unhappy, I am a MonsterBitchFromHell.

Enh, fuck 'em

Good god, I'm chitchatting a lot with y'all today. And I'm saying y'all a lot too. And I'm not even drinking bourbon.

I'm gonna stop now because Meet the Jeubs, about the family of 15 who go to Costco to eat lunch off the samples and then complain about the fact that they get smaller samples than everyone else is on right now and I am intrigued.



Anonymous Maria said...

I've never been considered "the bitch that left." In fact, when I ran into someone lately I hadn't seen in years, she asked me if I was still married. When I said no, she actually jumped up and down, clapping her hands, and saying, "Yay for you!" I was quite shocked, since I didn't even feel that we knew each other that well when we worked together 7 years ago...

5/22/2007 6:36 PM  

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