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Monday, September 18, 2006

Canary Business.

The Parade of Whipping Boys has begun!

Candidate #1 "Jebediah": 19, still lives with his parents. Shares the semi-obscure biblical name of Fired Baker #2. Neither Rasputina nor I had ever met anyone with this name prior to Baker #2, so we were immediately intrigued by him. "Can we call you J-Man?" "You can call me 'Heyyou'. Good kid, good sense of humor. Told us working at The Canary is like working in a real life episode of Sex and the City. HA. Mais oui!!: trade the Manolos for Super Birkis and the Prada bag for a plastic blue Ikea shopping bag and you'd hardly be able to tell us apart. I get to be Miranda!

Candidate #2 "Manny": Mid 20s, has 'lived all over'. Decent worker but more suited to gas station attendant than cupcake hawker. Unfortunately one needs to be a little bit cute and a lot clean to sell cupcakes and black teeth and a grease monkey one piece just aren't gonna cut it.

Candidate #3 "Thurston Smith III, B.A.": 22, just graduated from 'Yale University'. Commented to Rasputina that he wished he'd gone to a 'more practical school'. Evidence suggests that he has never swept/mopped before.

Candidate #4 "Blue-eyed Eye Candy": Tall and cute. Rasputina likey! Exactly as I said to him, he would be her bitch, so it's up to her to decide if he cuts the mustard, or in this instance, the poundcake with a deft hand and a lovely blue eye. We'll let you know tomorrow!

Suggestion for the Government: Like mandatory enlistment in the Israeli Army, I would like to propose that every high school graduate be required to work in the service industry for a period of no less than one year. Preferably in the food service industry. And preferably with a mop, a waiter's pad, or a cash register as your tool of trade.


Anonymous Rasputina said...

why am I just reading this now? geez I'm slacking. Too bad the blue eyed eye candy boy was a little slow.... and those other dudes...the ones who looked just like each other...what the heck was going on with those dudes? Have these boys never washed a dish before? So slow and sad.....ANYWAY, things should be okay (Ish) now....:)...but can we get these dudes shirts or nametags that say "Ras's angels" or some crap like that?

9/24/2006 3:31 PM  

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