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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wing & A Prayer.

Rasputina and I are in this on our own. The Canary that is. Replacement Baker for Baker #2 (which I guess makes him Baker #3 (although we have a baker on Saturdays and she really should get third in line to the throne, but her part-time status blurs the line of succession.) Anyway.) decided to not show up for work last Thursday. So I fired him via text message.

So we decided that we were just going to do The Canary on our own using reliable pinchhitters until after both of us gets back from our vacations after Labor Day. It just makes more sense to have to rely solely on ourselves at this point rather than turn over any responsibility on someone who a) does not know what they're doing, b) is potentially unreliable, or c) is psychotic/depressed/drunk/drugriddled/busy/lazy/crazy...

After this work-like-dogs stint, we both just might turn out to be the ones who become psychotic/depressed/drunk/drugriddled/busy/lazy/crazy over the course of the next four weeks.

Enh, we'll be fine. Tired but fine. Why? Because Mr. Rasputina IS A GIFT FROM GOD.

Mr. R. worked all day today at The Canary. On his day off. He cleaned every surface in the whole shop. Twice. Thrice if it's a surface that the public can touch. And then....and then he says "Can I clean your floor drains?" as if he was asking if he could pet my puppy or kiss my Canary Diamond. My response: "Oh my god! Only if you. really. want to. really."

"This drain is worse than City Tavern's drain."

Mr. R., you deserve much much more than the meager wage and the hefty bag of Combos I bestowed on you. Thank you.


Blogger Martha said...

Hello! I'd work for you free for a week for a hefty bag of combos.

Mmmm. Combos.

8/04/2006 7:29 AM  

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