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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where's Andre?

Who cares? Season Three is in full force!

Rasputina and I caught up on last night's Project Runway tonight over Bluecoat g&t's at her house. The next few months are gonna be a doozy!

My Two Cents: I love Laura's style. I would totally buy that awesome coat she made on Episode 1 on supersale at Off Fifth without batting an eye. Not as fond of that bathing suit dress she made for Miss USA, but collaborations almost always suck...

Except for that stunning dress that Keith and Bradley designed. Wow. Gorgeous.

Have I mentioned that I practically go dizzy and nearly drool on the floor every time Keith pops up on the screen? Good god, he's a less prissy, rough cut version of Jude Law. Yum. Seriously. And even sexier, the dude knows how to design garments for women. Even though he claims he's never designed a dress in his life prior to the apartment pillaging episode.

OK, Vincent cracks me up. He's like an LA version of Woody Allen, if you can imagine it. (And can I just mention for the record that I wish I could hunt down the person who did those headshots of Vincent and hire them to do my Match.com picture because they guy looks relatively normal...)

Kayne and Robert's dress was hideous, but they knew something the rest of us didn't. If anyone could get inside the head of Miss USA, it would have to be the Pageant Designer and the Barbie Doll Dress designer.

I could blather on and on, but I'll stop for now. I'll have plenty to say about The Others next week.


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