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Friday, May 26, 2006

I Will Be 600 lbs by the Time I Sell This Place.

Good god, I've made some friends at The Circus. I've been bringing by cupcakes and brownies and such to the various vendors in the Circus, to make good will, and to, erm...get some free food. I admit it. I'm a whore.

Today the sushi people brought over some maki for yours truly and then the cheesesteak guy insisted I come over and get my freebie so I did. But I only took a bite (ok, well 3, then passed the rest on to J. Errmmm...highly recommended! Better than Geno's, locals!). Now whenever I go to the pizza place or the fancy food place I can get whatever I want for free or for $2, depending on who's working that day. This is bad. Really bad.

Turkey Boy Update: He tells a customer that not only does The Canary have The Best Coffee, but "also the prettiest bakers". Argh. Remind me not to desire any freebie stuffing.

I've been ditched tonight. Twice! Had plans, person bagged. Made alternate plans, person bagged 'til Sunday. Arggggghh! Now I must eat all of this heavily discounted Brie de Meaux by myself. Bastard, you. Arggghh.

Double arggghh.


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