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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Eight Reasons Why I Heart Philly.


All you New Yorkers, take heed. Trust me when I say Philly rocks. I know it's hard to believe that there is life south of Delancey Street. But you've gotta believe me. Granted, I wouldn't believe me if I were still living there, but take a leap of faith. Or the Chinatown Express and come and check this shite out for yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

1. Center City is loaded with 25-35 year olds. LOADED. And a few of the boys are damn cute. Heh.

2. The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY TRUE: Everyone you know knows someone you know. It was a little creepy when I first moved here, but it makes party conversation so much easier, can I just tell you? In fact, I met someone who has the same weed dealer as me! Go figure!

3. You can walk to anywhere in Center City within 25 minutes. No subways, no cabs necessary. Just plug in THE BATS and walk.

4. This is a town of people who like to drink and smoke. Mama Likey.

5. The music scene is surprisingly decent.

6. The BYOB scene is surprisingly excellent. Hey New Yorkers: You can bring booze to restaurants other than shitty Chinese and Indian joints and they'll open the bottle for you and give you a glass and for the most part not charge a corking fee.

7. It's easy to get the word out about that new hipster bakery with the most fantastic logo*that just opened at The Circus. There's a buzz, man. A buzz! Mama Really Likey the Buzzes. Keep it coming. Stop by and buy some fabulous brownies endorsed by Discerning Connoisseurs from Around The Globe and The Philadelphia Inquirer (woo hoo!) and check out the best coffee and the prettiest bakers.**

8. I've made some fantastic friends here. And not just MacDuff The Bartender at The Monkey Bar. 'Nuff said.

*Coming soon. Very very soon. We're talking about a line of t-shirts and onesies here. Those of you who've seen it, say aye, right? It is wicked great.
**Not my words....

This is just a fun fuckin' town.


Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

I heart Philly too.
And it's not just cause there are a shit load of cute as hell 25-35 yr old boys... that's just the topper ;-)

5/28/2006 10:47 PM  

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