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Friday, February 03, 2006


So, I got word from several different people that the Pico de Gettouttahere! incident was actually fueled by rumor. A few people were picked up and paranoia spread and while nobody showed up for work for a few days, nobody can pin it on The Man. Oh well. Makes for a good story.

I spent half of the day at City Hall today. What absolute fun! The Delirious Egret Baking Co.* has gotten approval from one of the three city bureaus it must get approval from to commence construction. Cheers!

We had Thai with GG and Wilman last night up in Manayunk. While GG claims embarrassment at drinking too much, I can't say I did much better. Puh-leeze! Good pinot! Don't even remember what the white was...

I am freaking exhausted. Got no sleep last night. Ambien, Xanax, melatonin, calmes forte, and Sleepy Sleep tea are not doing the trick. Maybe if I took all of them at the same time, but that's not something I plan on trying in the near future - exhausted beyond exhausted or not. I think the only thing that actually might knock me out is a punch in the face. I swear. I wouldn't mind. I just want a one night's uninterrupted sleep. Oy.

Oh, yeah. I got a Friendster birthday reminder for Kim Jong Il. February 16. Send an e-card!

Tonight we've got a little BSG + Go Mental with Daximus and T.T.Boy...lookin' forward to a little chillin'...

*Still waiting for a better nom de plume, people!


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