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Sunday, March 21, 2010

They Really Didn't Want to Go There.

So today I discover that the new cupcake shop that opened up equidistant between my two cupcake shops has a new flavor - the Baloney Sandwich Cupcake*. The Canary has been making the BSC since it's inception in 2006. In fact, Martha herself ripped off this cupcake after she summoned me and I brought her three boxes of different cupcakes and then viola! one year later, she comes out with a cupcake book- with pictures of my Baloney Sandwich Cupcake.

Now, Martha I can handle ripping me off. There is something slightly flattering here about the Queen of Tarts deciding something you've created is good enough to rip-off.

But this new cupcake shop, well, they have no shame. And they have no skills either. All of their cupcakes are covered in fondant, are minimum $4 a piece and look like a home baker went nutso on the Wilton decorating catalog. Long story short, I think their stuff looks amateurish and lame, and considering what they spent on that chandelier and those Victoria Secret-cupcake cases, you'd think they'd have a better sense of chicness when it comes to they way the cupcakes actually look. Ah well, comeuppance will surely come, in some form or fashion. And not necessarily by me.

(I think I might have mentioned how someone hacked their Twitter account and Tweeted porn? Oh, I can't get enough.)

In any event, The Canary is now offering two kinds of Baloney Sandwich Cupcake. Check our tweets for more info.... Small children shouldn't play in the sandbox with the big boys. Heh heh.

*Of course, it's not really the Baloney Sandwich Cupcake, but I'm trying desperately to be anonymous here and if I told you the real name of the cupcake you could reverse-google me and find out everything about me and stalk me and find my door unlocked and kill my dog.


Anonymous Daximus said...

I am 100% on your side! They suck. You will prevail. Screw them.

3/22/2010 7:27 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Ditto Daximus. Also, will I be seeing you this upcoming Saturday? I hope so!

3/23/2010 5:05 PM  
Blogger 瑋婷 said...

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3/27/2010 4:18 AM  

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