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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Labor of Love.

Good evening ladies and germs!

Sorry I've neglected ye, I've been busy as sin jumping from Canary I to Deuce and everywhere in between. We've had staff changes, accountant appointments, PGW/PECO applications, and godhelpmeIonlyhopeIgetitalldone!

Deuce is coming along. M and I went shopping for fabrics for the picture window bench and corresponding pillows: oh, holy cuteness...we're doing 8-10 different pillows in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. I've got Space Age go-go girl, cheetah print, polka dots, '50s ladies' suits weaves, plaid moires, Chinese brocades...oh, can I tell you how freakin' gayborhood adorable this place is gonna be? Dang, am I excited.

I'm in the (continual) process of (t)arting the joint up. I am always looking for cool stuff to grace the Celestial Lyndhurst walls of Deuce. If you're feeling creative and funky and want some cred here in Philly, send me some art! We'll put it on the walls and give you props, dig? Right now, I've got a whole lotta 'canary' art, but cool, colorful, fresh and fruity is always accepted.



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