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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Non Sequiturs.

Does anybody else find it mildly disturbing that the ads in the sidebar of Google Mail change depending on the content of the email you are reading or writing?

I heard a cousin of mine was screeching that Obama is the Anti-Christ. That's a little bit harsh, dontchyathink? Besides, we had to deal with eight long tragic years of the Mr. I'm-The-Second-Coming-Of-Christ. Mmm hmm Fooshizzle! Certain members of my family are an embarrassment.

I had my first Board of Directors meeting today at The Circus. But I can't tell you anything because it's highly confidential.

I got new glasses today and I'm feeling a little ill because they are stronger than my old ones. Pic once my hair is fluffier and not rained on.

SFG is going to a bachelor party weekend in AC, complete with gambling, deep sea fishing, firecrackers, an Eagles game, and I'm almost positive strippers and cheap beer. I mean really. In any event, it means that I have the place to myself allllll weekend long. Me + book + knitting + tv + dog + cat + sushi = BLISS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! That IS disturbing. I've noticed it too. They are watching you! Did you know that in the UK they government is putting together a giant database to copy and collect all e-mails? ALL e-mails. They say they're just keeping up with technology. They used to catch "bad buys" by bugging phones. They say it's the same difference. I have friends in England I e-mail. I feel violated!


11/07/2008 1:24 PM  

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