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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dear Circus Manager,

At approximately 11:30 am this morning, a group from Nabisco came through the Circus to pass out free samples of Oreos and snack bars to Circus patrons. They set up shop in front of The Canary and continued to pass out samples until I complained to the Marketing Director to have them moved. Both the Nabisco people and the Marketing Director said that Nabisco had paid "a large amount of money" to conduct their business in The Circus at that time.

The practice of accepting money from large corporations to pass out free food in The Circus is outrageous. Not only does it go against what The Circus is supposed to stand for ("Fresh and Local"), but it directly interferes with vendors' sales, regardless of what is being sampled out. And when one compares this situation to Management's refusal to allow vendors to actually sell products from large corporations, it's hypocritical.

I hope that Management will discontinue to do such a disservice to its vendors and the spirit of The Circus.

Oy Vey Canary


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