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Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Right Proper Post.

I admit it. I've become lazy about blogging.

It's not like I've been swamped with work or divorce-related things or anything like that lately. I've just gotten out of the habit about writing about anything substantial. I will try harder from now on, folks.

So anyhoo....

SFG and I went to the Thriftway on Aramingo Avenue today and I would like to pronounce Philadelphia as The City with The Ugliest Tattoos. This is, of course, in addition to Philly's reign as America's Ugliest People, Worst Teeth, and Fattest, as deemed by independent observers, not just bitter old me.

Today's winners were....A naked sailor woman plunking an American flag on an alien planet; and an Elvis a la Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded by a glorious haze of pills and a toilet. We are a classy people, Philadelphians. Our Forefathers would be proud to know we've carried on Philly's precious legacy as the cradle of American culture. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are, no doubt, rolling in their graves. Maybe someone should do a tat of that.

Speaking of Elvis, our bacon buttercream novelty experiment went quite well. All of them sold, though the irony of it seemed to go over the heads of some of our customers.

And speaking of my indefatigable creative spirit, tomorrow I plan on playing around with breakfast cereals. The forbidden ones your momma refused to let you have, unless of course you had a cool momma. Which definitely was not my case. I am going to try a "cereal bar", incorporating 5 (FIVE) of The Best Cereals of Your Childhood. Wish me luck. This could be my big break, people. I feel it. I feel it big.


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