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Thursday, October 11, 2007

No Time To Chat!

Busy baking. Busier than ever now actually. Partially because of all the publicity from my opposition to the trans fat bakery exemption ban here in the Great Metropolis of Dumb, Fat and Poor. Those canolli bastards are so shortsighted. I guarantee you that stuff (trans fat not canollis, though I wouldn't be opposed) will be banned from human consumption in five years. It's already illegal in Denmark and New York City.

Just got back from wine class and now I'm making requested cds for Rasputina ('60s folk shit + What Goes Around hidden smack there in the middle. You would be amazed how nicely it fits in between the Hollies and the Byrds.) and a nice collection of Scandipop for The Bassoonist.

And can I just say for the record that no parent would allow their child to have a poster of kittens smoking cigarettes in this day and age. Travesty.


Blogger Jessica said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a cyberstalker and I searched the internets to find the news story. Anyway, despite me being weird, lookin' good girl!

P.S. I'm not sure I've ever commented before, which I guess means I missed De-Lurking Day... So, Hi. I lurk.

10/12/2007 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought of you when I saw this - check out this link

10/14/2007 3:17 PM  
Blogger Oy Vey said...

Jessica: Hello! Thanks for delurking! And no, no being weird - I practically ask to be media stalked.

Monkey: Ha! How funny. LOVE your name. A nice midwestern girl. Like me (originally from Chicago). Though once you come out to the east coast, you become a raving byotch. Like me.

10/14/2007 6:47 PM  

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