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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Faerie Busy Weekend (Hardy Har).

Faerie Con was this weekend. Each convention has its own personality and this one was one of the nicest we've ever had at The Circus. There were two major archetypes of Faerie Con participant: 20-40s female, crushed velvet peasant shirts, marcasite jewerly, hobo bag/fanny pack and The costumed fairy/elf/pirate (go figure). More than twice did I fetch a brownie for a guy wearing little horns. What a great group of sweet people who are polite, pleasant and mild mannered. A nice change from the usual at The Circus.

The girls wore wings on their own volition and we made "faerie cakes" which were just vanilla on chocolate cupcakes painted with a healthy layer of gold and silver luster dusts and a dried rosebud. And we charged a quarter more! Sold out in an hour. In fact, by the end of Saturday there were seven cupcakes and 10 bars left in the case. The Faeries kicked the Canary's ass!

And on top of that, the trans fat backlash has been very good to us. I got 3 "Hey! I saw you on tv!"s and quite a few people said they read about us and how great it is we're using butter and loandbehold! they didn't know those canolli people used that trans fat garbage! Yay!

And we had a fantastic dinner for SFG's birthday at Picanha on Friday night. Meat-alicious! Meat-tastic! Fabumeatlous! I highly recommend this place for a large group of people. How can you go wrong for $19.99 all you can eat meat?I mean really. And the staff made us all fresh caipirinhas with a bottle of cachaca they had in the back. Everyone had a great time and I didn't feel so great for the faeries the next day but the headache was definitely worth it.


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