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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bakers Know How to Party.

As evidenced by last night's Canary staff Holiday Extravaganza.

Three boxes of wine, 2 six packs, a bottle of Jack, a bottle of Bombay, and 3 pizzas made the magic happen.


KDizzle pouring wine and crushed Vermonter bars on her "boobies".
KDizzle talking about how everyone is looking at her "boobies".
Mad-Lib-esque Group text messages to Jebediah (whose girlfriend wouldn't let him come to the party) saying "Jebediah, you fucker. Let's bang." from Rasputina's phone.
Playing Smack the Bladder with the near-empty wine boxes.
T-Bone hitting on the bartender at Sal's, thus revealing his bi-side.
Finding a lone wooden crutch in the Canary this morning.


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