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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Live A Little.

I'm back. Sort of. Just checking in. I'll try to keep the ghost writers to a minimum.

This week has been crazy dead here at The Circus. Like summer dead. Go figure. But things appear to be looking up on that front today. Can't keep the people away from The Canary.

Went to The Pernice Brothers show with A, C and their four month old baby the other night.* And while I didn't get to meet and greet Joe Pernice, we did have dinner with the drummer. That was cool enough for this groupie!

The other night SFG told me I'm a "good woman". I appreciate the sweetness of the sentiment, but I'm not really sure what exactly that means? Mother Theresa was a good woman. Hilary Clinton is a good woman. Susan B. Anthony was a good woman, wasn't she? But Oy Vey? Hmm...? Not sure what to make of this....thoughts from the peanut gallery?

In short, it would be really picture perfect to have some semblance of stability in my life right now. Whether it be my business, my relationship, my mood, whatever. Can't The Universe throw a girl a good karma bone?

Speaking of, SFG had a reading with My Psychic today. Can't wait to hear about it....

*Don't worry. They put earplugs and earmuffs on the baby, who slept through the whole show. No flaming please.


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