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Friday, July 07, 2006


I ditched work early to take advantage of Mr. X's leaving for the weekend so I could have the house to myself. With kitties, cheeses and a bottle of fancy Aussie cab sav somebody gave to me that I was saving for a special occasion. Oh right, and some rough cuts of BSG I scored to savor...

A perfect evening by myself.

I was hunting around the kitchen for a light and noticed an empty box of matches from Blue Hill. Mr. X and I have had a match collection for years. We've got a vaseful of matches from different places either one or both of us has visited over the course of our relationship. On occasion, one of us would be in a pinch and use a match from the collection though technically, forbidden.

I started using up those matches long before he did. A match here and there. But never a full box.


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