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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cafe Diem!

Sorry I haven't called/emailed/faxed/telepathasized. I've been crazed. I am hedging my bets I will be in one of three places in eight weeks' time: cardiac unit, mental unit, or jail.

Canary TOO (Is that what I called it last time?) is starting to morph. The space is in great shape, totally manageable and zoned for cafe use already. Now I'm just trying to run the numbers. I think if I don't take this opportunity, I will be sorely regretting it in a year's time. This is what I've really always wanted to do. And walls! I'll have walls! Real plaster walls on which to hang pictures of canaries and shelving units with mason jars filled with different colored sprinkles. Oh! And maybe even a chalkboard! Or better yet- I'll paint the walls with chalkboard paint!

I had jury duty earlier this week. I learned quite a bit about the process, but way more so about Juror #34.* And I heard from a secret source that the prosecutor used one of her throwaways to get rid of me!** This is in part because I told the judge that I could not, would not, put anyone in jail over a minor drug offense. So there. The court crier came by this morning to buy some brownies and tell me that, after I was excused, the judge asked the bailiff if he had my address on file. And his court laughed. Ha ha. Then the crier said they were just kidding. Really, they were kidding. I should say.

Last night at wine school, someone brought in a bottle of 1949 St. Emilion that they had found in the basement they just gutted. 1949! And it was alive and kicking and seriously, the single most interesting glass of wine I have ever had - and probably will ever have - in my entire life. How cool is that? Next week is the last class on Pomerol and we will be indulging in a 30 year old bottle of Lafite. This is also way super deluxe awesome, but not quite as charmingly awesome as a found bottle of 60 year old Bordeaux that had been tucked away in a wall of a Philadelphia house for god knows how long.

Daximus and I had a lovely dinner at Little Fish on Wednesday night. One of the best fish meals I've had. I usually find fish at restaurants rather disappointing because good fish is expensive and it is usually served relatively plain, with a lemon wedge and some sauteed spinach or whatnot. But the halibut was tarted up with some truffled fingerlings and fava beans, and the crab and scallop apps were singing.

Speaking of singing, I am so freaking excited that Camera Obscura is coming on June 22! Yay yay yay! I was so sorry I missed them last year and now they are back. SFG is coming; I didn't have to twist his arm one single degree, either, which was weird considering his reaction to the Franz show (which, by the way, was really great. Even ancient Turkeyboy loved it ("They're kind of like The Who.")). I'm getting a ticket for Dax as well, with the hopes that I can lure her down the block for a couple of hours of awesomeness. Yay yay yay!

* Divorced, Northeast Philly, Executive Secretary, self-described 'liberal Jewish woman who doesn't know what it's like to be black'; taught line dancing for many years, but found teaching lonely; dumped by best friend for a date on her 40th birthday; always writes a real handwritten letter after using the Internet; feeds the ducks every morning; and espoused her opinions on the following: Iraq: No! Israel: Yes! Michele Obama in sleeveless shirts: Yes! Veal: No! Foie Gras: Of Course Not!

** I shall not identify this source because I doubt it's kosher to do so.


Blogger Mel Archer said...

Good to have you back! BTW, do you know a good red velvet cake recipe, possibly one that does not use loads of red food colouring, only the cocoa/buttermilk reaction to give it a reddish tinge (I hear the beets are a bogus addition)?

6/13/2009 4:06 AM  
Blogger Oy Vey said...

I must confess, I do not. We just add some cocoa powder and red dye to our sour cream poundcake recipe. You just won't get that classic RED red velvet color unless you add coloring. The cocoa powder/acid reaction isn't going to make it any redder than the dutch/alkalized cocoa already is. I would think that beets would work; they'll color your hair, so I'd think they'd color the cake too! I betchya Paula Dean or Molly Katz have good recipes. Try them.

6/13/2009 10:34 AM  
Blogger Mel Archer said...

Cheers thanks... :)

6/17/2009 3:40 AM  

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