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Friday, June 05, 2009

What the Deuce!

Still in talks re The Cantankerous Canary DEUCE.* I think it's a go - as long as the landlord keeps his word on being cool and flexible regarding the lease/rent. And I think he will because he has this totally amazing beard that only cool and flexible people can get away with.

This is all very exciting. I've already started spying on the competition. I've never worked in or owned a coffee shop so there is a lot to learn here. Having gone through the process of opening a food establishment in the City of Philadelphia definitely puts me ahead of the curve (still rubbing those battle scars with L&I!), but I plan on going into this with a cool confidence and certainty. Or as my therapist suggests, I should act like I am going into this with a cool confidence and certainty.

I know what I want. Please forgive the following sentence fragments: airy and bright. light lunch fare (a couple of soups and a few cold sandwiches and possibly paninis). throw a bone at the vegans (ha ha) with some fakin bakin or soy-ken salad and whatnot. full espresso bar with syrups, iced and (again the soy!) soy option. Perhaps the shtick will be amazing grilled cheeses...I do love me a rockin' grilled cheese. Besides, the cafe down the street has this peanut butter and jelly thing going on already. Mais oui! The Deuce will have fresh baked scones, cookies, cupcakes, brownies etc. etc. from the famous Cantankerous Canary located several blocks away...It could be great.

Now comes the fun part of visiting every interesting coffee shop I can find and spying on them. What do they serve? Is it good? What equipment do they have? How many choices do they offer? Hours? Location? Positives? Negatives? Vibe? And mais oui! what desserts do they offer?

Fun stuff! Scary stuff. Fun stuff! Scary stuff. Fun stuff wins!

* Do you love CC Deuce? Be honest. I do, though SFG positively ha-ha-hates it. I think it's funky and edgy and funny and an homage to The Philly, yo, and all its jawns. Dig like, man? .22s and 40s (which apparently are also called deuces?) like yo, white girl? wanna come back to my crib for sum wudder and Birds and a stromboli? Har.


Anonymous Beth said...

There's a great coffee shop near me that does one sandwich a day, and people learn which day their fave sandwich falls on (BLT is Thursdays). That way, most of the prep work is done up front, everything's all wrapped up, and there's no waiting.

6/05/2009 7:25 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Also, macarons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaron even though I'm sure you know what the delicious sandwich cookies are) are freaking HUGE at the coffee shops now around here. I can hardly get a normal cookie anymore.

6/05/2009 7:27 PM  
Blogger Oy Vey said...

Beth, I love this Sandwich of the Day concept. It's freakin' brilliant. I will name the first sandwich we do the Bethwich (or should it be the Whingerwich?).

We make coconut macaroons, but not the frenchie french ones. But I know where to get 'em. They're cute and low fat/fat free, which is why I think people like em so much. We will have normal cookies, though, thank the goddesses.

6/05/2009 7:29 PM  
Blogger Mel Archer said...

Sounds fantastic...I think you should definitely export a Kiwi barista ;) - then you could stock Anzac cookies...

6/06/2009 4:15 AM  
Anonymous shana maidel said...

i have a great iced coffee recipe to give you. a trade secret that was given to me (shhh, don't tell). i spent a fortune on these in the atl.

6/06/2009 1:14 PM  
Blogger Oy Vey said...

Mel, I will get those visa papers in due order! Flat whites coming up? Do you know, we in fact, do make anzacs! We may be the only bakery in Philadelphia to stock such delicacies. I'm sure you make them 1000% better though. Sort of like how Chinese food always taste way better when it's made by a Chinese person.

Shana, do tell!

6/07/2009 4:55 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Oh you should totally do tea. I don't think there are any cute tea houses in Philly. Maybe limit yourself on coffee options and up the tea ones? Or at least that was the exact EXACT thing I told my friend I wanted to open up. A chill tea house (totally not victoria) with tasty snacks and sandwiches.

LOVE the sandwich of the day idea with all my heart of darkness.

6/09/2009 2:26 PM  

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