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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Holy Shit, I Was Born in 1975.

Last night was The Rock Concert. I think I can speak for GG when I say that we had an outrageously fun time. I've been a basket?/bundle?/bushel?/heaping pile of frayed nerves over the last few days/weeks/months and did I need a Rock Star Party. Ha!

We had a fab viewing of the show (Thanks S! xxoo! And thanks for saving us from the throngs of drooling 16 year-olds!) but were nearly blinded by eye-daggers from said droolers. I have to admit, though, we did feel old. Ancient. It was a little scary. We were standing near three young lads who, after calling each other douchebags and giving one another wedgies (I'm so not kidding), were rather pathetically trying to pick us up to get backstage. GG pointed out that they were most likely half our age. Theoretically, they could have sprung from our own wombs. Tragic. Towards the end of the show, I started to complain about my back, GG about her feet and we both decided we needed some Advil. Pathetic. (I should note, however, that the Advil comment was made in large part because we were both sorely hungover from the previous night's, albeit separate, debauchery. We're not that old. Sheesh.)

After the show, we hung out with S, who is one of the Top 10 Sweetest People on the Planet, until waaay past our bedtime (we're old, remember?) and now I'm up on 3 hours of sleep, I've got a pile of recipes to sort through and some other random shit that I need to do (OV: Pick up cat food!). It's the life, man!

Oh, and one more thing - because there must always be at least one kvetch per post: Someone please explain to me how an XPN dj doesn't know who Joe Pernice is.


Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

AMEN to the outrageously fun time bit! I also agree that S is The Sweetest Person on the Planet.

I'll sort through your recipes if you'll come clean up The Pit of Despair (AKA my apartment).

3/05/2006 11:48 AM  

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