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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Cycle of Life.

I apologize for my slightly psychotic, slightly drunk rambling the other night. I take back the delivery but not the general message. Sigh. I will never satisfy myself. That sounds dirty. Oh well, you know what I mean. Enough wallowing! I took the staff to Lolita last night for margaritas and tasty Mexi-fusion and all had a good time. And that's good enough for me.

Tomorrow is a busy night so you may not hear from me. Before wine school (Advanced Bordeaux class #2!), Mme. Mimolette invited me to an 'industry party', which sounds heinous and normally I wouldn't attend, but there will be people there who have connections to jobs in exactly the right places, so I must wear lipstick and a pencil skirt and turn on the chatty charm. Which doesn't sound too bad. Everyone there will no know everyone else there by name at the very least, unless they have already fucked or done coke together. Very classy, we foodie types. Indeed.

I am sad to report that my adorable little blue square Nano is no longer with the living. After calling Apple, who assured me that, while the stupid thing is no longer under warranty (bastards!), it sounded like nothing more than a battery replacement issue. So I sent it to ipodjuice.com to have the battery replaced. They sent me a DOA notice today, telling me the logic board is totally fried and it'll cost at least $139.99 to fix it. RIP, little man! I declined and told them to send the body back to me for a proper burial. So I went to Macy's and bought a new GREEN nano from that electronics vending machine they have there in the men's department. I can't live sanely without my tunes. Things are looking up, except for my bank account, but who cares? This little guy shuffles songs when you shake it!


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