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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Out of Practice.

I feel like it's been a decade since the last post. I'm really getting out of the habit of writing every night lately, which is bad, not only for The Blog, but for my actual paid professional writing responsibilities. My editor at NASCARFoodie.com is ready to throttle me, I'm sure. Opening a business and getting a divorce only carry so much weight so far.

I need some serious inspiration for NASCARFoodie. It was scones last week. Only because I had scones on the brain. This week all I have on the brain is getting on a plane. I can't write about airplane food. Well, maybe business class airplane food.

Never mind.

So. Hmm...let's play catch-up. What have I been doing other than sleeping, eating Combos, going on dates and getting my car impounded? Hmm...not much.

So. SFG. Good date. No deets for the public on this one yet. Hang tight. We're going out on Friday. More on that later.

So. Car impounded yesterday. Yeah. Funny thing about that: I peeled out of the loading dock at The Circus a little too quickly yesterday and cut off a couple of curmudgeonly cops on the sidewalk who proceeded to give me a $116 ticket for careless driving* and then when they ran my plates they saw that MR. X FORGOT TO REREGISTER THE CAR SO THEY TOWED IT AWAY AND TOOK IT TO 'LOT 1' BEHIND THE IKEA ON DELAWARE AVENUE.

So. While I'm at traffic court going through the rigmarole of The System to show them my temporary Internet registration (which for the record took all but 15 seconds to complete), waiting in line, going before the judge, waiting in line, going to Window #9, waiting in line, getting into a cab to take me to Lot #1, where they almost don't release to car to me because the title isn't in my name, Mr. X is DRINKING BUBBLE TEA AND PLAYING VIDEO GAMES IN TOKYO.

Dude soooo owes me that $185 dollars to get the f-cker out of hock.
BUT! Must end on a good note: Last night was the Unofficial Unauthorized BlogHer Delaware Valley Division meetup at PdG with Christine and Guinness Girl. Welcome Christine, to our lair. We hope you found it to your liking. (Umm, GG - pix, please?)

*For the record, word of my pullover got around The Circus and someone there told me he saw 6 other people pulled over in a 2 block vicinity of The Circus that morning. WTF? Quotas? Philly doesn't do quotas? Everything's most def on the up and up in this faire citye.


Blogger Christine said...

Oh I had such a good time. You guys are so much fun. And Mexican food + tequila + wine...you are people after my own heart.

8/23/2006 8:53 PM  

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