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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bus Stop Bus Goes She Stays Love Grows

Under my umbrella...

Can't. Get. It. Out. Of. My. Head.

Heard it this morning in the grocery store and now it won't leave me in peace.

I think I am one of the 37 people under 50 who knows all the words to that song. The Staff of Life, it is! I grew up on all of that stuff. I've always had a thing for that mid 60's psych-folk rock...I had the lyrics to Hair memorized by the time I was 11 (not entirely certain what some of those words actually meant, of course.). I also had a serious pre-teen crush on Brian Wilson (the BW of Pet Sounds, not that old fat guy...). That's the way the whole thing started, silly but it's true.

It goes without saying that I was a schoolaged geek and didn't get out much. It also goes without saying that I am now a post-grad geek and don't get out much.

All that summer we enjoyed it, wind and rain and shine....

I think I need to download that song just to get it over with and out of my head before all the people stare as if I were quite insane.

Good god. I am working off of two (2) hours of sleep. Someone punch me in the face please. No rest for the weary.

...sometimes she'd shop and she would show me what she bought...

Someone help me!


Anonymous Whinger said...

I LOVED this song as a kid, and was convinced it was how I'd meet my mate.

It was not.

3/20/2006 2:07 PM  

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