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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


ET reported that TomKat may have gotten married on the sly.

There's just something about those two that sends my hackles up and brings out the circa 1954 Suburban Parent in me. I swear to you, I'd get in my wood-paneled station wagon, drive to 'The City of Angels' (ha!), find that girl, drag her out by her ear kicking and screaming and throw her into an Irish pregnancy prison until she had the baby and it could be adopted by a nice infertile yuppie couple from Connecticut.

Maybe I'm cranky because I may have to brave the cold and wind because the only thing to eat here is

1. bread
2. white bean spread
3. a Cadbury egg.

[Pause to ponder.]

No, it's them.


Blogger Martha said...

It really tests that older guy stereotype. Although credit where credit is due - she's a total loser too.

3/15/2006 11:04 PM  
Anonymous daximus said...

At least you have the Cadbury egg. Those totally rock.

3/15/2006 11:52 PM  
Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

I'm right there with ya on TomKat, sister. How totally absurd!!! And I used to LIKE Katie Holmes. Excuse me while I go vomit.

Must. Clean.

Damn, we're slobs.

3/16/2006 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Whinger said...

I actually started blaming her parents after I read an article where she said she's wanted to marry him since she saw "Risky Business" when she was 8.

So her parents let her watch a movie about hookers and subway sex when she was 8?

Their punishment is that she grows up into a freak-ass adult.

I don't know what Tom's parents did to him.

3/16/2006 12:16 PM  
Blogger Oy Vey said...

Martha: couldn't agree with you more. Capital 'L' on forehead!

Dax: i don't know the last time you had one of those...i thought they rocked too - until I took a bite. yowzers.

GG: she was cute in PoA. but now she's just a misguided starstruck idiot.

Whinger: eeww...that's nasty! you've given me shivers thinking about 8 year old Kat and 30 year old Tom...[audible gag].

3/16/2006 2:27 PM  

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