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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Whining & Dining

This is what happens when you have your business on a website. You're a goddamn target for lunacy. ...from an email I got regarding a potential gig:

Yes... Open now The place is open for lunch and dinner 5 nights (Wed - Sun) We will cater (but really no serious requests as yet. Keep in mind we opened 4 weeks ago) I am getting the new van I bought painted next week:

In regards to "success" I am a single medical doctor and I suppose I could keep the "idea" afloat" from the revenue generated by seeing patients but I am trying my very best to develop unique and novel ideas that will keep customers returning and happy.

I have no 3 second rule. They drop something; it goes in the garbage can. The food is as clean and sanitary as I can keep it. I REALLY insist on uniforms, gloves, hats, etc

The menu is as delicious as any I have had while traveling to various locations during medical meetings over the course of my career.
When it became clear that I wasn't going to find someone to lease the building as a restaurant, I ordered 8 books off Amazon.com and read them with a passion. I have self-taught myself some textbook type of restaurant management techniques but I know that lends no real-world wisdom.

I want a "guest chef" program (oh ... say 3 times per year) where I seek out and find some expert such as yourself and I attempt to entice them to come for one or two nights and "do-their-thing".
That will give my staff a chance to see new things, it will show the community I am trying to bring new tastes to the Olympic Peninsula, and it will be quite simply fun in my opinion. I hate stagnant and seem to constantly look for change in ideas and techniques ( in dermatology I mean, of course. And this ideology is now spilling over to this restaurant I now own.) So why can't you come visit one time?

Come visit your uncle and then drive over to Sequim and be our fancy-dancy big city pastry chef for a night. Not a bad tax write-off and something a little out of the ordinary for you --- at least to consider.

I must be seriously boring you at this point and I hunt and peck type so I will close. If I never ever hear from you again I will always be thankful that you even responded to my first email. I do recognize it as coming at you 'off-the-wall' and I do honestly appreciate your listening to me thus far

NB: I did not remove any of the punctuation.

I don't think I'd want this guy making my dinner much less removing a mole.


Blogger PeopleCat said...

Why even mention a "3 second rule"? Is he noting his departure from what he learned in his 8 books? Whole thing is totally bizarre.

9/01/2005 11:54 AM  

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