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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Reason #43887 for Secession.

Via Wonkette via et al.

Is he talking about that large Irish family who lives down the block? And are they supposed to share the brain, or are they each allowed their own? Or is it a signature to an imperative statement, i.e. "Get some bread! Mom"? And by the look of his body language, that 'GO USA' sign isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. Maybe his left arm is tired from pumping his fist during the entire screening of Dukes of Hazzard. Clearly, it's more important that those nice people get themselves some gray matter. Or perhaps he wants to share his auntie's famous offal recipe? Hard to conjecture. And I think it's actually illegal to wear a flag on your head in this country these days- unless you're at a NASCAR rally in which case you get free beer. Notice the sign to the right: "Free Rick James"? These assholes are so out of touch.

Addendum: Hubby pointed out that nobody ever wanted to free Rick James. Oops. Right... Well, then that proves my point: those assholes don't know shit about anything anyway.


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